Union Glacier Camp, Antarctica

Guy has finally arrived in Antarctica and is currently at Union Glacier Camp.

Listen to his latest voice blog here.

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Johnny V
3 years ago

Brilliant! Hope the weather stays clear.

Demi McLean
3 years ago

Good luck, Guy! This is amazing! Safe travels.

3 years ago

Good luck my friend and most importantly be safe…. our love is with you.
P.s….. No I am still not going to Row the Atlantic with you!!!!

3 years ago

Amazing! You’re an inspiration! Good luck

Ronan Guilfoyle
3 years ago

Best of luck Guy. We’re rooting for you! All the best from the team at Calderwood.

Jen Weber
3 years ago

Great to hear your voice. Keep us posted an stay safe!

3 years ago

Best of luck Guy!

Union Glacier Camp, Antarctica